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Problem Solvers & Utility

Formulated with the finest base oils and special Lucas additive package, Lucas Oil's Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner is designed to PREVENT slipping, leaks and wear to provide smooth, quiet operation while conditioning seals to extend the life of the transmission.

Lucas Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner is manufactured with the highest quality components to provide excellent performance without leaving any residue.

Lucas Chain Lube is a low odor, semi-synthetic spray lubricant designed to meet the demands of today's high performance motorcycle chains and sprockets.

Lucas Oil Contact Cleaner is formulated with a unique blend of solvents, cleaning agents and propellants designed to remove oil, dirt and moisture.

Lucas Diesel Deep Clean is a new Lucas technology developed to reduce the cost and hassle of particulate filter maintenance. It is an excellent preventative maintenance product.

Protects camshaft lifters and valve train during break-in period of motor.

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is an all new formulation of Lucas additives and very specific base stocks designed to stop seal leaks in engines!

Extreme Pressure Valve Train Synthetic Grease contains special bonding agents that create a powerful lubricant film between moving metal surfaces.

Lucas Fishing Reel Oil is a special blend of oil and additives. It was specifically designed to lubricate all moving parts in fresh water and salt water fishing reels.

A better solution to prevent gasoline break-down during storage. Safe to use in all grades of gasoline and in all 2 and 4 cycle engines. Easy to use! Application rate, 1oz. to treat 1 gallon.

Lucas Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product formulated to eliminate dry starts and reduce friction, heat and wear in any type of engine. It allows motor oils a higher degree of lubricity which reduces oil consumption and operating temperatures.

Lucas Oil Multi-Vehicle ATF provides today's transmission with excellent oxidation stability, foam resistance, rust and corrosion inhibition properties, wear protection and heat resistance while providing smooth shifting and eliminating chatter.

Lucas Power Steering Fluid is a general purpose product. It is formulated with special base oils and additives that add lubricity to help stop wear and improve performance.

Lucas Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners is formulated with the finest base oils and a special Lucas additive package that outperforms all others, providing smooth, quiet operation while conditioning seals to prevent leaks.

It is 100% GUARANTEED to stop seal leaks in power steering units or your money back. Totally corrects rack and pinion problems.

Lucas High Performance Assembly Lube is designed for mechanics and technicians to pre lube bearings, cams, lifters and valve train.

Lucas Super Coolant has been scientifically formulated to provide the ultimate protection in automotive and racing cooling systems. It protects the entire system from rust, corrosion and electrolysis including aluminum.

Lucas Gun Oil is a special blend of oil and petroleum-extracted additives producing an all-weather, odorless lubricant.

Use on nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings, guns, fishing reels, sliding doors, motorcycle chains or a million other home and shop uses where other products just aren't good enough.

Lucas Transmission Fix is a non-solvent formula that stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and completely eliminates most seal leaks. Use in any transmission for preventative maintenance.

Scott Barnard uses Lucas Transmission Fix for 1984 Nissan/Datsun 300ZX

Dear Lucas Team:

I bought my 1984 Nissan/Datsun 300ZX in early 2000. I have sunk a good amount of money into it within these years, I am a "Z-lover", and intend on keeping the car for many years to come. My Z has over 135,000 miles on it (and to all the enthusiasts out there, it's a non-turbo) and has an automatic tranny. My 4th gear clutch pack is going and two tranny experts told me that it needs to be rebuilt, not just the clutch pack, but the whole thing! $1,800.00 to do the job (from both).

Lately, the converter seemed to chatter like false teeth when changing gears, and when it wasn't chattering, the tranny seemed to be confused as to which gear it should be in! So, I went to a Carquest, and asked the clerk for a "miracle in a bottle", something just for a quick fix, knowing the tranny had to be re-built. But before I asked, I pondered on which chemical to buy. He immediately brought me over to your product, Lucas Oil Transmission Fix, which was twice the price than the rest of the other products. I thought "Hmmm...", and was skeptical. He told me this stuff sells like hotcakes, and that I won't be disappointed. I bought your Transmission Fix, brought it home, filled the tranny, drove it, called the clerk back and said "Holy #@!* !, is this the way my tranny is supposed to act?" The clerk said, "See, I told you so..."

I fell in love with my Z all over again!

Thanks, guys!

Scott Barnard

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