Engine Builder Lubricants

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.

Engine Builder Lubricants

Lucas Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner is manufactured with the highest quality components to provide excellent performance without leaving any residue.

Extreme Pressure Valve Train Synthetic Grease contains special bonding agents that create a powerful lubricant film between moving metal surfaces.

The initial start up of a new engine is critical to its performance and life expectancy.

Lucas High Performance Assembly Lube is designed for mechanics and technicians to pre lube bearings, cams, lifters and valve train.

Use on nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings, guns, fishing reels, sliding doors, motorcycle chains or a million other home and shop uses where other products just aren't good enough.

wayne J uses Lucas Fuel Treatment on his 1986 xl600r,2002 explorer

I have used it in my 1996 Honda xl600r and have had great results for many years. Keeps my 2002 Ford Explorer running just great. You really can see the results in MPG and both my bike and truck just run at their best with it added. Your products are just the best and work up to your name each time. Anyone who is thinking of using Lucas products you just can not go wrong with Lucas they make the the best products and keep you running at your best.

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