Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

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Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

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A pure petroleum multi-use oil supplement. Controls noise, heat and wear in manual transmissions and differentials. Number one in the heavy duty and high performance industries.

Lucas Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product formulated to eliminate dry starts and reduce friction, heat and wear in any type of engine. It allows motor oils a higher degree of lubricity which reduces oil consumption and operating temperatures. Use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in gear oil to stop leaks, reduce operating temperatures and increase the life of the gear oil. Since it is pure petroleum, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, ATF and mineral oil. It keeps old engines alive and new engines new.

In Ford Powerstrokes we suggest one quart of Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer per oil change.

Key Benefits

  • Increase oil life at least 50% longer
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Eliminates dry starts
  • Raises oil pressure
  • Increases power and miles per gallon


  • #10001 - 946ml (Case of 12) 
  • #10002 - 3.79ltr (Case of 4)
  • #10015 - 18.9ltr (1 Pail)
  • #10091 - 208ltr (1 Drum)


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Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Commercials - Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

    Jim Scogin uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in his 1996 Tucker Sno-Cat

    We used Lucas HD Oil Stabilizer in our engine (Chrysler 360) and Transfer Case for added protection, as well as Lucas HD 80/90 Gear Oil in the axles (Dana 60).

    We installed a set of Richmond Gears PowerTrax (No-Slip) Traction System in the front and rear axles. Richmond Gears and I were worried that the system would not UNLOCK during turns and cause binding on the driveline due to the SLOW speeds in which the Sno-Cat operate. During the installation of the Richmond PowerTrax lockers I used Red "N" Tacky for the grease lubricant around the springs and between the locking gears. Finished off by filling the axles with Lucas HD 80/90 Gear Oil. The Richmond PowerTrax Traction Systems worked flawlessly along with the protection from the Lucas HD 80/90 Gear Oil. I only say this because when we took off the differential cover to drain the gear oil this summer and there was very little presence of metal (residual from years past) in the bottom of the axle housing compared to the last few years of regular maintenance.

    Another positive benefit form using Lucas products was the decrease of fuel consumption by a large percentage. We travel 30 miles round trip to a remote site to repair our radar. In years past the Tucker Sno-Cat would consume 40 to 45 gallons of fuel (tank capacity is 50 gallons) making that 30 mile round trip. This past winter (2005-2006) we made that trip out and back, twice in one day, on one tank of fuel and regular trips for the rest of the winter season averaged the same fuel consumption.

    This summer, during our pre-season maintenance, we plan to use ONLY Lucas Oil products in the engine, fuel system, transmission, transfer case, axles, hydraulic system, and greasing of the track drive system wheels/bogies. To decrease the risk of mechanical failure by using Lucas Oil Products could be a life saver for me and my co-workers on top of a mountain at 10,000 to 11,000 feet altitude. I am a beleiver in Lucas Oil Products so much that I use them in my personal vehicles. My wifes van (92 Ford Aerostar) had a delay in shifting into reverse. I drained some transmission fluid out and poured in some Lucas Transmission Fix and within a few months the problem was gone. Also, poured in some Lucas HD Oil Stabilizer on the next oil change and it helped with the knocking noise coming from the engine just after startup. Great products! It has saved me alot of money! THANK YOU!

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